ServiceNow CIS-SAM: What Is Software Asset Management And Why You Should Care?

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What Is ServiceNow Software Asset Management Specialist CIS-SAM Exam?

ServiceNow Software Asset Management (CIS-SAM) Exam defines the goal, audience, testing options, exam content coverage, test framework, and needs to become a ServiceNow CIS-SAM Implementation Specialist. CIS - Software Asset Management Specialist exam has become the need to get an excellent job in the corporate IT sector.

Software Asset Management Specialist exam certifies that a successful candidate has the skills and basic knowledge to give to the configuration, implementation, and maintenance of the ServiceNow CIS-SAM Specialist application. The exam is available to ServiceNow customers, partners, sales engineers, employees, and others involved in becoming a ServiceNow Software Asset Management Certified Implementation Specialist.

Why Implement Software Asset Management?

The first thing you require to do on your journey to a fully completed software profile is changing your department and possibly your senior management that CIS-SAM is a good idea. Many benefits can be recognized in a robust software asset management solution, such as:

  • Having a robust software profile in place will mean that you will be better equipped to defend your company from unfair software penalties.

  • Software audits have proven immensely profitable for the software vendors, so nothing stops them from coming back repeatedly for another audit. It is not a matter of if you will be audited. It is a matter of when and how often.

  • You will be in a place where you can verify your data's accuracy. You will have better clarity into your spending and usage, which means you will reduce waste and deal with possible agreement issues before being brought up in an audit. Software Asset Management puts you back in the driver’s seat when it happens to your software.

  • With CIS-SAM, you can check in on your software health and security. Hackers will often do old and unmonitored software as a means of breaching your security system.

  • Having organized software effects and eliminating repetitions will give your IT security less to maintain and more visibility into what has been covered and what has not. If you would like to know more about the security benefits of CIS-SAM, check out our article How CIS-SAM can change your Cyber Security.

  • Software Asset Management allows your IT department, as it gives them the ability to track deployed software's value. CIS-SAM gives them hard data to advocate for implementing much-needed software and retire software that is no longer of value.

Before You Get Started with CIS-SAM

Ensure that you have support from executive-level management from HR, Security, IT, and Procurement areas. To gain this support, you require to have a story to tell of why CIS-SAM is essential. The first step is getting your current state, and this can be done by diagnostic your everyday CIS-SAM people, processes, and solution. To implement a successful CIS-SAM Program, you need to have policies that can be enforced, and a CIS-SAM person cannot do this alone - it needs to come from the top down.

Ensure that you have the right partner, enough staffing, process, and licensing expertise to implement, manage, and continuously improve your CIS-SAM Program.

You do not know what you do not understand, so be prepared for surprises and get ready to put on your investigator's hats. You will require to rely on several other areas, especially IT, Procurement, and Security, to get the data you need. People, policies, and processes are vital to any program and especially true for CIS-SAM. Selecting the right solution is also crucial, and one of the most critical factors here is what your company’s overall aims are for a CIS-SAM program.

As your CIS-SAM Program develops, you will quickly realize that CIS-SAM is more than just about achieving compliance and avoiding publisher audits and hefty fines, but both about optimization and user controls. As organizations go through meaningful transformation and digitization, an efficient CIS-SAM program enables them to be more proactive in decision producing around software investments, IT transformation, and better control SaaS and subscription-based licensing.

Expert’s Corner

ServiceNow Software Asset Management Implementation Specialist (CIS-SAM) exam is quite a challenging exam and requires patience, hard work, and commitment. All these qualities, along with the right set of resources, will aid to ace the exam. You will surely pass the CIS - Software Asset Management Specialist exam and prove the skills to everyone. This will help you stand out in the crowd and provide you with an edge over other people.


The thought of survival of the fittest has begun to rule the corporate world. You can get your dream job, but being on to the job has now become more challenging. Every hour a new kind of technology appears; keeping yourself updated has become essential in this era. For showing your passion for your job, you will have to keep taking certification exams and training courses to modernize yourself. These certifications can be challenging just if you do not find the right set of resources.

Every organization now requires a certified professional for managing their software to increase its efficiency. The value of certifications has grown so much as the era of perfection and professionalism has emerged.

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