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The Society for Human Resource Management - Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) is a certification offered to human resources professionals to help them advance in their careers and demonstrate their knowledge of HR policies and strategies.

To obtain this SHRM-CP certification, you must show appropriate education and experience and take an exam.

Who Qualifies for the SHRM-CP?

To qualify for the SHRM-CP, you must meet some education and experience requirements. This chart on the SHRM website breaks it down clearly, but in general, you do not require a degree in HR, nor do you need a degree to start obtaining an SHRM-CP. However, you must show proof of comparable work experience if you have less relevant education.

All applicants must demonstrate proof of at least 1,000 hours of HR-related work experience, or 500 hours if you are a student, in one calendar year. However, there are some detailed guidelines around this:

  • Non-HR Job Titles: If you do not have a job title specific to HR, that is okay, as long as you can verify that you completed 1,000 hours of HR-related work in one calendar year.

  • Supervisors of HR Professionals: If you supervise someone in an HR role but do not complete HR duties as part of your job, this does not count towards 1,000 hours of experience.

  • Contractors: These hours still count if you take on HR work as a consultant.

  • Part-time Work: Part-time work in an HR role qualifies. Ensure that 1,000 hours of experience happened in the same calendar year.

  • Students: If you are currently enrolled in your final year of an undergraduate or graduate degree program at a university that is “approved by SHRM’s Academic Initiatives staff as being aligned to SHRM’s curriculum guidelines,” you are eligible to take the exam. You will require to show proof of 500 hours of HR experience.

What Can You Expect on the SHRM-CP Exam?

The SHRM-CP exam tests your “knowledge of factual information,” judgment, and decision-making skills through multiple-choice questions. The exam is based on the 15 HR functional areas and the eight behavioral competencies, which are part of the SHRM Body of Competency & Knowledge (SHRMBoCK). You can download a guide to this information on the SHRM website.

Once you have fulfilled the education and experience requirements and passed the exam, you will receive your SHRM-CP designation. With your certification, you can look forward to advancing your HR career.

The SHRM-CP exam needs advanced preparation and fails to prepare adequately, and you may be signing up for a second attempt. To save valuable time and money, consider your options for how to study for the SHRM-CP exam. While you might be inclined to head to the library for an all-night study session, research indicates that distributed practice is more effective.

It is also helpful to kick off your SHRM-CP exam preparation with a practice test or two. SHRM-CP Practice exams could give you an idea of how you would perform on the test if it were happening today. The results can highlight which areas require your attention and which you have already mastered. This can save you valuable time and energy while determining the best method to study for the SHRM-CP exam. It is essential to study smarter, not harder!

Why Should You Choose SHRM-CP?

The SHRM certification will make you an HR expert and help you contribute well to your organization’s success. Following are the main benefits of having an SHRM-CP certificate:

The SHRM-CP certification is valuable across industries, geographical borders, and career levels. You can find exciting job opportunities in HR anywhere in the world if you are certified by SHRM.

  • Evolved Knowledge: Frequent shifts are happening in the HR industry. So, SHRM continuously updates its curriculum with the latest global trends that help learners meet current challenges.

  • Globally Recognized: SHRM is the global gold standard in HR and the only certification from the world’s largest HR membership organization.

  • Easily Accessible: All HR practitioners can earn SHRM-CP certification regardless of their industries. The eligibility requirements created by SHRM decrease the barriers to participation and offer several options for the HR practitioners in non-traditional work arrangements.

General Benefits of Professional SHRM-CP Certification

  • Boost your confidence levels.

  • Earn higher salaries.

  • Stand out among your peers with an additional qualification.

  • Acquire leadership positions in your organization.

  • Think like a manager, not like an employee.

  • Show your commitment to the profession.

The critical factor that determines SHRM-CP certification from other certifications is its applicability. All SHRM programs require that the students show their knowledge and ability to implement them in real-life scenarios. An SHRM-CP certificate will bring a positive change in your career.


Earning your SHRM-CP certification can be a valuable step in your career development. Achieving your SHRM-CP certification is also hard work, and a plan to reach your goal will help.

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