Incredible ServiceNow Certification Preparation Methods to Ensure Success in Exams!

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ServiceNow Certification, a fast-growing leader in IT Service Management (ITSM), is fast expanding its health care footprint. Many hospitals do the company’s cloud-based IT service and operations platform to automate the management of EHR applications and other clinical software assets. ServiceNow’s HR Delivery product is also generally used by hospital Human Resources departments.

Demand for ServiceNow developers is increasing. ServiceNow certification provides attendees the knowledge and confidence to take full advantage of the Now Platform. During the training and certification programs, attendees learn to build applications by designing application tables, creating and implementing forms, controlling access, and integrating workflows into applications.

ServiceNow Certification Paths You Can Take

Just this year, ServiceNow changed its certification process and conditions. First, the certifications were divided by role: ServiceNow System Administrator, Implementation Specialist, and Application Developer. There were not any requirements on the type or number of products an administrator, implementer, or developer needed to know to work on a project.

A developer could get their administration and development certifications and would be permitted to work on any product line, even if they did not have training or experience working with that product. But with the new rules, that has become.

To develop processes and services, ServiceNow decided to parse the certifications by role and by-products. Now, ServiceNow administrators and implementers are expected to receive specific certifications by product line. You will require to take the HR Developer certification exam if you are a developer interested in Human Resources. And if you also need to work on a CSM project, you will need to take the CSM Developer certification exam.

So now, administrators, implementers, and developers will require separate certifications for the different ServiceNow products: ITSM, ITOM, ITBM, CSM, HR, Security, and Platform.

Preparing for ServiceNow Certification Exams

Before you jump into taking the product and role-specific certifications, you will need to take it back to the basics. ServiceNow recommends that everyone receives the ServiceNow Fundamentals Class to learn how to configure and manage a ServiceNow instance.

In interest to taking the Fundamentals Class, ServiceNow suggests that you should have at least six months of hands‑on experience. Your experience should include database thoughts and system management, knowledge of IT Help Desk processes and the incident, problem, and change workflows. It would help if you also considered learning programming languages like JavaScript and C++, which are both often used with ServiceNow.

ServiceNow expects that any administrator, implementer, and developer on a project have all of the certifications needed for that specific project to ensure these new rules are followed. For example, if your team is performing Security on your client’s ServiceNow instance, all implementers on the side will need the Security Implementer certification.

Starting Your Own ServiceNow Certification Journey

1. Review the ServiceNow Exam Blueprints

The ServiceNow exam blueprints give you the exam's requirements, listing what a successful candidate can do in ServiceNow, the exam structure, learning fields, and even sample test questions. If you go through the blueprint and genuinely understand each topic listed, you will have no problem passing the exam.

2. Read Through the Learning Plans and Do the Exercises

This protection Engage with the community and read the ServiceNow Documentation.

While working with the platform, which highly suggests you do as often as possible, you are going to encounter some issues or roadblocks. If you require help or are looking for answers, there is no better spot to go than the ServiceNow Documentation page or the ServiceNow Community Forum.

The ServiceNow Documentation is fresh off the press and is continuously being updated. The Community Forum is a fabulous place to ask questions, communicate with other developers, and learn from others.

All topics and learning methods in one beneficial package. It is jam-packed with relevant information about the principles and practices to practice working within ServiceNow. Many of the questions on the exam will be taken straight from these documents and tasks. You must know this material!

3. Review Flash Cards

If you are looking for complete study materials for your test, these flashcards are a comprehensive resource. The System Admin flashcards are broken up by module so you can break down your plan of study into edible pieces. Check out the App Developer flashcards to find data on team development, scripting, application security, and working with data.

4. Take a Practice Exam

Taking ServiceNow practice exams to get a sense of what the test questions are like. Some of these questions are taken straight from the exam and serve as an excellent way to measure how prepared you are.

What to Expect During the ServiceNow Exams?

ServiceNow advances exam blueprints available online for each certification exam so you can review them before the test. The outline gives comprehensive information about the exam as well as information on the exam structure and question formats.

While taking the exam, you will require a quiet room with a reliable internet connection since it is online. It is also compulsory that you use a standalone webcam that is not integrated into a computer or laptop. The webcam has to be set up, so the proctors can watch you during the exam.


ServiceNow makes significant money each year to the cloud-based platform, so it is crucial for administrators, developers, and implementers to continually learn and educate themselves on these changes.

Hopefully, this post has given you some means to study from and calmed some of your anxieties about the test. If you feel like you understand the material, be confident, and remember, you will do fine. The test is nothing to be afraid of, and if you feel like you do not see the material, keep learning!

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