Six Sigma - Terminology

Six Sigma is a strategy that teaches employers how to manage their organizations. The approach was originally adopted and developed by Motorola during the 1980’s and is now used by many organizations worldwide. Often, Six Sigma terminology can be tough for people who are newly introduced to the concept to comprehend.We have six sigma terms available in this article for the benefits of readers of These Six Sigma terminologies are intended for the additional support while reading six sigma tutorials and blogs. 

Terminology of six sigma

List of terminology is like a simple dictionary explaining terms of a particular field of study to newcomers. This may include a working vocabulary, meanings of often used concepts in the language and use of it in a specific manner. We have listed down the relevant terms of Six Sigma methodology with a brief description.


Terminology becomes a necessary requirement to understand the terms of a particular field of study.This may seem cumbersome or daunting at first glance, but detailed work, in the beginning, will save you missed deadlines and costly blunders over the course of your business project. So make sure you read all the terminologies carefully before starting with the working projects of Six Sigma.