PRINCE2 - Introduction

PRINCE2 is now the world’s most popular project management framework. The identify PRINCE2 stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments. It started out in life as PRINCE (without the two) as a UK authority’s technique used for managing authorities I.T. projects. Through the early 1990’s it was realized that the identical instruments and methods which can be helpful when managing I.T. projects are precisely the identical mechanisms and methods that are helpful when managing any project. So, a call was undertaken to rewrite PRINCE by removing the entire I.T. terminology. The brand new model grew to become often called PRINCE2 and was launched in 90's.

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Since then, the official PRINCE2 guide has been launched quite a few examples. Each revision has improved the understanding and value of the tactic and has been up to date with finest practices. The most recent model of the guide was launched in 2009 and is mostly accepted as embodying the newest finest practices in project management.

By the center of 2011, greater than 800,000 college students have sat the PRINCE2 Foundation examination worldwide, which is the decrease of the 2 ranges of qualification (Practitioner being the best stage). While most of those college students had been primarily based within the UK, more and more, the strategy is gaining in recognition all through the world as project managers and organizations notice the advantages of making use of a common mission management methodology based mostly upon best practices.

PRINCE2 consists of four integrated parts. These components are principles, themes, processes and the modifying of the method to go well with the needs of the project setting. Let’s take a look at every of those four parts in turn.


There are 7 principles in PRINCE2. These ideas are the bedrock upon which all the things else in PRINCE2 relies. These Principles are universal in that they are often utilized to all projects regardless of language, geography or tradition. They've been confirmed in practice by hundreds of mission managers managing tens of hundreds of projects to be the best methods of planning and managing projects. They're subsequently self-validating. They're additionally empowering to the practitioners who apply them in that they provide an undertaking supervisor a greater probability of being profitable.

The real test of whether a challenge is being run in response to PRINCE2 is whether or not or not the 7 principles are being utilized. Projects which declare to be PRINCE2 projects, however, don't apply these principles are PINO projects (PRINCE2 in Name Only).


There are 7 themes in PRINCE2. They're Business Case, Organization, Quality, Risk, Planning, Change, Progress. A theme refers to at least one facet of project management which must be continually addressed all through the period of the project.


There are 7 processes in PRINCE2, each containing a variety of actions which should be carried out. The processes describe the actions which have to be carried out at totally different factors throughout the challenge. The processes additionally describe which of the PRINCE2 project management team roles are chargeable for every of the totally different actions.

Style To Suit The Project Setting

In conclusion, each undertaking is totally different, and each group is completely different. Due to this fact, the tactic should be utilized in a wise means which meets the needs of every project. Merely making use of the tactic in the same approach to each project is a positive technique to fail as a result of doing issues this manner takes no account of the completely different environments during which every challenge operates. Due to this fact, to offer an undertaking a greater likelihood of success requires the project management workforce to tailor the framework to swimsuit the wants of the project surroundings.

Inside PRINCE2 there are two types of product. There is ‘specialist’ merchandise which requires specialist skills to design and construct. For example, the new IT system, new home, or advertising marketing campaign simply talked about.

There is additionally ‘management’ merchandise. These are merchandise that is used to assist plan, handle and management projects. Some examples are a Challenge Plan, an Enterprise Case or a Final Report.

prince2 THEMES

The 26 management products are sub-divided into three basic classes. Firstly, there is baseline management products. These merchandise outline points of the undertaking and, as soon as authorized, are topic to alter management. One instance of a baseline product is the Undertaking Plan.Firstly, as simply described, projects are the means by which modifications are launched into the enterprise. Secondly, there are data. These are management merchandise that is often up to date with details about mission progress. Some examples are the Concern and Threat Registers. Thirdly, there are stories. These are management merchandise which offers a snapshot of certain points of the mission. They're used to speak details about mission progress to every degree of control. 

The Customer-Supplier Environment

PRINCE2 is based on one natural assumption: that the undertaking operates inside what’s known as a customer-supplier environment.Because of this, there's all the time a buyer, which will be a person, group or group which has an enterprise want. This is perhaps a downside of companies that they're going through, equivalent to the necessity to minimize prices. The client will ‘sponsor’ the challenge in that it will likely be accountable for offering the funding for the undertaking. Not solely that, however, the buyer might want to specify what will probably be delivered from the challenge i.e. the professional products.