ITIL - Terminology

The ITIL terminology offers you with definitions for the most important terms and acronyms on the IT Infrastructure Library ITIL. Names of processes, roles and ITIL inputs/ outputs which can be particular to a selected model of ITIL are labeled accordingly.

Why Terminology?

A common problem of terminology work is that the significance and indeed the very nature of language is poorly understood. Thus many individuals merely don't know in any respect of what it's, whereas others, looking for an evidence of some kind. 

Terminology is a many-faceted subject being, relying on the attitude from which it's approached and the affiliations of the individual discussing it:

  • A useful resource,
  • A set of methodologies and procedures for use in creating this useful resource,
  • A consider communication,
  • A community of actors, and
  • An educational self-discipline.

Terminological sources are additionally valuable in lots of different methods: as collections of names or different representations, as the article of standardization and harmonization actions, and because of the center of a variety of functions and disciplines, whether or not human or machine-based. The very of functions to which terminology is of direct relevance was a major motivating issue on the inception of the POINTER Challenge with its transient to analyze the scenario of terminology in Europe, and to make concrete recommendations for a future infrastructure and actions.

For all these causes, contents-based data administration is a prerequisite for bettering the effectivity of communication. As well as, it ought to be borne in thoughts that communication is just not solely monolingual. Finally, the main purpose of writing this blog on ITIL terminology is to clear the concepts of ITIL tutorials and improve its implementation in business projects.