Passing the PMP Certification Exam at First Attempt

PMP is one of the most highly acknowledged and high-value certifications in the market. Unlike other certifications, PMP cannot be just passed through reading and memorizing the books. You should have a good plan and preparation to clear the exam. That is the reason PMP certification is having more value in the market. How to Pass the PMP Exam the First Time has changed as the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam has evolved and become more difficult.

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The days of passing the PMP exam by remembering formulas and a few of definitions are long gone. The study methods based on flashcards or memorizing questions and answers don’t work either. So if a friend or your boss offers you their study materials and notes from a few years ago, thank them and toss them into the trash.

Key Elements of Passing PMP exam:

  • Learn the sequence of processes well enough to interpret a situation and know what the best thing to do next is. That situation may include skipping some of the processes.

  • Realize the limitations on a project manager’s actions that are imposed by the scale, scope and technology of the project and the type of organization in which the PM is operating.

  • Know the basic formulas of project management and how to calculate results in situations where more than one formula has to be used to reach the solution.

  • Know how to manage the stakeholders (project sponsor, stakeholders, team members, vendors and everyone affected by the project) and know the right thing to do given the specific circumstances of a particular project.

  • Know how to manage your time during the exam. Answer all the easier questions first (pluck the low-hanging fruit) and have time to invest in the more difficult problems.

  • Know how to control your emotions in an environment full of nervous test-takers so that you can control your pace and not let nervousness make you work too fast and make mistakes.

Points to Remember:

  • Emphasis on controlling and monitoring process group.

  • Lot of change management questions would be asked in the exam.

  • The toughest part of the exam is Procurement, Risk questions. So, please focus more on these topics.

  • Most of the questions in the exam will be situational questions hence you need more understanding of the concepts.

  • The easiest questions in the exam will be Time and cost questions.

  • Some useful resources.

  • Here are some of the useful resources for learning PMP certification exam.

Work on your mistakes:

During PMP Exam Preparation in addition to each section of both Head-First PMP ends having a few dozen sample exam questions. They're powerful using the PMI's dark side. You'll never look for a wretched hive of distracters and misdirection. You have to be mindful. Check your answers whenever you arise. Consider the answers. You got the question wrong write-in the border. Don't rail from the machine. Trust me, you'll learn the PMP Exam from your own mistakes as well as more about yourself than from other things. Then when you hurry down to face the actual PMP Examination, remember your problems within the Cave of Test Questions, nor fall into their traps.

Practice is the key to success:

Through your last several research periods, evaluate the PMBOK Information. If you’ve diligently worked through the substance and exercises in Rita’s and Head-First PMP, you'll be amazed at just how much is well and common -recognized within the PMBOK Information. Your review can strengthen everything you have discovered and may be simple. Then, in your last review program, consider the Exercise PMP Examination within the back of Head-First PMP or using the PM FasTrack application that included Rita’s. Check your solutions, and study from your problems one final time.

Boost self-confidence:

You’ve studied. You'll place the right answers. You’ve learned the PMI's ways. The PMBOK Manual is a strong ally it's, along with your friend. You'll be considered a certified PMP.

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