Six Sigma Tools - Poka Yoke

It was a Japanese manufacturing engineer named Shigeo Shingo who developed the concept that revolutionized the standard career in Japan. Initially referred to as “fool-proofing” and later modified to “mistake proofing” and “fail to save” so workers weren’t offended, poka-yoke (pronounced “poh-Koh you-kay”) interprets into English as to keep away from (yoke RU) inadvertent errors (poka). The result's an enterprise that wastes much less vitality, time and assets doing issues improper sooner or later.

poka yoke for error control

What Is Poka Yoke?

Poka-yoke is one of the powerful parts of Shingo’s Zero High-quality Management (ZQC) system – the concept being to provide zero faulty merchandise. A method this was achieved is thru the usage of poka-yoke; a bunch of small gadgets which can be used to both detector forestalls defects from occurring within the first place. These poka-yoke strategies are easy methods to assist obtain zero defects.

Who Develops Poka Yokes?

Here’s the great thing about the strategies anybody, from supervisor to line supervisor to line worker, can develop a poka-yoke. (Alright for you transaction individuals on the market anybody, from regional gross sales supervisor to gross sales affiliate to doc specialist). All it takes is the empowerment of workers, in addition to somewhat instruction round what makes a superb poka -yoke.

hat Does a Poka Yoke Look Like?

Poka-yoke seems to be completely different in every state of affairs. I’ll attempt to current some totally different eventualities for poka-yoke use. Let’s take a transactional scenario and analyze a couple of components of it. Say, as an example, we’re on the signing of a financial institution mortgage by a fortunate couple closing the mortgage on their first residence.

Instance 1:

The fortunate couple picks up the pen to signal, however after they depress the highest of the pen to increase the writing half it malfunctions as a result of the spring is lacking. A poka-yoke may have prevented this example. If all items of the pen had been offered to the assembler in a dish, an easy poka-yoke could be for the assembler to visually examine the dish for any remaining elements as soon as the pen was assembled. (Okay, I lied about this being solely a transactional course of!)

Instance 2:

The fortunate couple bypasses the signature a part of the method as a result of their financial institution is high-technology targeted. In fact, they signed a writing pad, and their signature was recorded electronically. The financial institution additionally wanted to gather 4 extra items of data earlier than all the package deal of data is distributed to the processing division. An easy poka-yoke so as to add to this course of is to require all fields to be crammed in (together with the loanee signature) earlier than permitting the shape to be dispatched to processing. This prevents the processing division from reviewing an incomplete doc, sending again to the mortgage division, delaying the processing of paperwork you get the thought.

Instance 3:

Once the whole paperwork is submitted to the processing division and it's printed, it then must be filed with the town and state. To ensure that this to happen, papers must be stuffed out (the town and state are usually not high-technology enabled) and hooked up to the shape. A poka-yoke utilized by the town is a straightforward check-sheet on the high of the shape. This enables the individual submitting the shape to make sure that all extra data and funds are hooked up. As in instance 2 above, this prevents town/state from reviewing an incomplete doc, sending again the doc to the sender, delaying the processing of paperwork…once more, you get the concept.

The purpose of poka-yoke, or mistake-proofing, is to design a course of or mechanism that forestalls an error from occurring. On the planet of the machine and industrial design, CAD techniques are among the finest types of poka-yoke out there in that they seize and remove defects before construct. But as any engineer can attest, errors can and do get by way of – when this occurs the prices may be monumental. Here's a have a look at some CAD system poka-yoke analysis to encourage and enhance using CAD programs.


Is there any rocket science to poka-yoke? So what’s the massive deal? Nicely, the large deal includes execution inside your small business. Shiny concepts are a dime a dozen; it’s the execution that’s the arduous half. First, you must educate your workforce on the idea of poka-yoke (call it mistake proofing for ease). Second, it's essential to empower your workers to make a bunch of small enhancements to their processes – repeatedly. What you'll find yourself with an enterprise that wastes much less power, time and assets doing issues improper sooner or later.