Six Sigma - Improve Phase


The 4th phase of a DMAIC Project:

The goals of the improve phase are to consolidate your analysis, generate solution, create an implementation plan, implement the solutions. Improve phase involves brainstorming potential solutions, selection solutions to test and evaluating the results of the implemented solutions. Often a pilot implementation is conducted before a full-scale rollout of improvements.

DMAIC process

The IMPROVE phase requires understanding the KPIV's that are causing the effect. This phase helps define the associations of these key variables to the project "Y" and lead to improvement ideas. All the hard work done previously lacks merit unless there is implementation.

Improve phase of the project - Where all the team's work gets put into action and the rubber meets the road for hard driving. The solutions have been acknowledged, and the implementations to reduce variation and improve target performance are executed. Without making the improvements, all the hard work and invested time amount nothing.


Key Features:

  1. Verify critical inputs
  2. Optimize critical inputs



  1. To identify, assess and select the right improvement solutions.
  2. To develop a change management approach to support the organization


In getting used to the changes bring together through solution implementation.


What needs to be done- Improve Phase?

  • Designs of experiments
  • Response surface methods
  • Generate ideas for solution
  • Evaluate and select solution
  • Develop process maps and high-level plans
  • Communicate solutions to all the stakeholders


tine for improvement through six sigma

Tools and Concepts:

  • Future State Model
  • 5Ss
  • Standard Work
  • Multiple Skill Matrix
  • Kaizen
  • Solution Generation
  • Implementation and training plan



How will you solve the problem?

Once the project team members are satisfied with their data and concluded that additional analysis would not add to their understanding of the problem, it’s time to move on to solution development. The team is most likely collecting improvement ideas throughout the project process, but an organized effort can lead to innovative and elegant solutions.