PMI DAC Certification Exam Syllabus

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The PMI DAC Exam Summary, Body of Knowledge (BOK), Sample Question Bank and Practice Exam provide the basis for the real PMI Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) exam. We have designed these resources to help you get ready to take PMI Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) exam. If you have made the decision to become a certified professional, we suggest you take authorized training and prepare with our online premium PMI Disciplined Agile Coach Practice Exam to achieve the best result.

PMI DAC Exam Summary:

Exam Name PMI Disciplined Agile Coach
Exam Code DAC
Exam Fee Member USD $270.00
Exam Fee Non-Member USD $340.00
Exam Duration 120 Minutes
Number of Questions 60
Passing Score PASS or FAIL
Format Multiple Choice Questions
Schedule Exam Apply Now
Sample Questions PMI Disciplined Agile Coach Exam Sample Questions and Answers
Practice Exam PMI Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) Practice Test

PMI Disciplined Agile Coach Syllabus Topics:

Topic Details Weights
The Disciplined Agile Coach - Define and Describe the DA Coach and how it fits into the certification journey
- Explain why DA coaching is important and how it is more effective than “regular” agile coaching
- Explain how the DA Toolkit supports coaching
- Describe the different process goals
Facilitate the DA way - Demonstrate how to plan and facilitate training, events, and ceremonies
- Identify, plan, and refine the flow and techniques the DA way
- Develop ground-rules and facilitate collaboration
Engage the Stakeholders - Identify when and how to involve all stakeholders
- Analyze the purpose and context for the transition to DA
- Identify training needs and DA gaps
- Develop a coaching agreement and build confidence
- Define metrics and other approaches for a successful transition
- Develop the roadmap and identify sponsors for the transition
- Construct and document brainstorming sessions across the enterprise
- Explain, market, and promote the new vision to stakeholders
- Explain core concepts and change management to stakeholders
Communicate Continuously - Analyze information in gap analysis
- Construct and verify objectives that support the vision
- Identify and sequence the initial initiatives
- Explain impacts to stakeholders throughout the process
- Demonstrate support for the organization in communicating and making the change process visible
- Identify the key components of a successful community of practice
Mentorship and Leadership - Develop mentorships at individual levels up and down stream
- Demonstrate different methods to seek DA solutions
- Apply team building skills and knowledge
- Utilize and apply emotional intelligence skills and principles (i.e. empathy, etc.)
- Model the continuous improvement of communication skills
- Apply psychological safety and the creation of an open and safe environment
- Apply negotiation, problem solving, and decision-making skills
- Demonstrate active listening
- Model and encourage collaboration
Guided Transition and Continuous Improvement - Apply various methods, practices, and techniques to a situation
- Construct, introduce, facilitate, and review actions/experiments to the organization using systems thinking
- Identify initiatives for visible continuous improvement
- Define success criteria, set, and manage expectations
- Identify short term wins to determine early successes
- Identify training needs
- Facilitate organizational re-design and develop formal paths for change
Coaching, Consulting, Counseling, and Lean Leadership - Identify issues and explore ’why’ with the working group
- Demonstrate an understanding of personal emotional regulation and presence
- Demonstrate listening, questioning, flexibility, and continuously adapt to situations
- Plan goals with individuals, teams, and the organization
- Develop, integrate, and tailor frameworks and toolkits
- Explain to the client areas of improvement and benefits of solutions
- Define the appropriate measurement and tracking systems
- Identify ways to create and cultivate a psychologically safe environment
- Explain how to nurture the motivation people
- Explain the practice of mission command
- Model methods for a middle-up-down management approach
Training and Development - Develop an environment for continuous learning
- Develop formal learning outcomes
- Utilize different content delivery mechanisms
- Identify and socialize sources of information
Thought Leadership - Relate how the DA Toolkit relates to other practices
- Take part in Communities of Practice
- Identify ways that challenge the DA program to always improve
- Apply DA Value for the benefit of the community

Both PMI and veterans who’ve earned multiple certifications maintain that the best preparation for a PMI DAC professional certification exam is practical experience, hands-on training and practice exam. This is the most effective way to gain in-depth understanding of PMI Disciplined Agile Coach concepts. When you understand techniques, it helps you retain PMI Disciplined Agile Coach knowledge and recall that when needed.

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