Value of Being Six Sigma Aspirant - The Concept Seed

The concept behind Six Sigma Certification is to bring awareness in quality professionals, Progressing through Six Sigma courses with the practical approach. The demand for qualified and certified quality professionals has also been on the increase. In a survey, it is estimated that certified Six Sigma Professionals (Master Black Belt, Black Belt) have an advantage of more than $20,000 hike in their salary when compared to their non-certified peer group. 

If you are already in Quality field and planning about Six Sigma Certifications, we will help you to make the right decision. You will be aware of important quality factors like Need of the Industry, Manufacturing process of your organization, Tools, and Techniques of used in your organization to resolve quality problems.

There isn’t a single authorized certification body for Six Sigma Levels. Due to this, you’ll find certification options from consulting companies like ASQ, as well as from businesses like Motorola, Allied Signal, GE, and many others. Each of these businesses has different certification criteria and procedure to enroll for the course.

Six Sigma certification is different from any other quality certifications in many ways like levels of six sigma and pattern of an exam at each level. Levels of six sigma are commonly known as Black Belt, Green Belt, Yellow Belt and white belt. Each belt has its importance in six sigma. The first stage is the white belt or introductory stage of six sigma. 

Value for Money - Six Sigma Training

Although the cost of six sigma is competitive, it isn’t the cheapest on the market. Do research to find competitors’ prices, but all of them offer training at more or less on the same costs. This fees of the six sigma course include tuition fee, course material, and Lab facilities. And many centers promises to make you a certified belt in a short period, which I believe is needed to teach you what you must know. Many will even certify you based on a simulated fictitious project, or even with no project at all. Most employers consider anyone who has completed a single project and ready for certification.

Personal Qualities and Six Sigma

  • Positive Personality- No cold fish is welcome in Six Sigma, you must be passionate about your work, Self-motivated.
  • Effective Communication Skills- Essential to understanding the actual needs of the customer.
  • Leadership Skills- Ability to lead a project team to get desired results.
  • Technical Aptitude- It is beneficial to have the statistical knowledge, It is required to collect and analyze data.
  • Result Oriented- Ability to produce expected results for business must be hard working and a goal achiever.
  • When you enroll in Six Sigma online certificate programs, you'll not only prepare to earn Six Sigma certifications, but you'll add the prestige of Institute to your resume.

Lesson Learnt From the Six Sigma

The purpose of lessons learned is to bring together all the gained during the Six Sigma training sessions that can be usefully applied on future business projects. Since you are doing six sigma, you can’t afford to miss a single detail from the training sessions. Make your personal notes from the classroom sessions. Below is the list of top 10 learnings from the Six Sigma training sessions.

  1. Remember “3Ps”- Procedure, Process, and policy.
  2. Zero out non-valuable things. 
  3. Come up with Solutions- Quick Wins.
  4. Data is the most important part of the analysis process.
  5. Six Sigma is not just a methodology, It is a culture, must be practiced every day.
  6. Top management support is essential for the effective implementation of the Six Sigma.
  7. Leadership commitment and involvement is a must.
  8. Ensure the spirit of teamwork.
  9. Continuous focus on the customer’s need.
  10. Top management must follow-up the progress of the Six Sigma implementation. 

Thus the core of Six Sigma Certification is to generate organizational improvement. It is up to the organization to create Six Sigma culture in the organization and to determine the suitable sigma level.

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