Six Sigma Black Belt or CQE - Which One to Choose?

Earning certification is the best way to gain required knowledge on a particular area of study. Choosing in between CQE and Six Sigma Black Belt is totally depends on your ambition and goals.

If you want to continue a career in quality management and systems, go for ASQ CQE. If your main goal is to have a hands-on impact on the day-to-day performance of the business then continue with Six Sigma Black Belt.

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As more companies embrace Six Sigma, the need to hire and train employees in the methodology grows. One issue facing beleaguered managers and human resource departments is how to determine whether an applicant truly possesses the Six Sigma skills required by the company. If he or she has a certificate, does it have any value? If not, how does your organization verify employees' Six Sigma skills? Once you get beyond the marketing hype of Six Sigma, what will really help your organization eliminate or even prevent problems?

These questions and much more based on your particular needs should be addressed as you review what you and your organization will accept as qualified certification.

The CQE certification is definitely not as well known as most Six Sigma certifications, at least in many of the developing economies. However, intelligent hiring managers should see it for what it is and will realize it is actually a really valuable certification. The certification is more focused than the Six Sigma certifications, for one. There are compelling reasons for someone who wants a career in quality to consider it. The Six Sigma certifications in many places are seen as project and change management credentials.

To talk specifically about manufacturing industries, it is more common to see a use for quality tools in regular quality decision making, than more advanced methods as are to be found in 6 Sigma. Many Black Belts trained manufacturing engineers to have to understand a wide range of problem-solving concepts and approaches and this does not necessarily apply to quality engineering, which is a bit more focused. Further, since a Black Belt role is for project leaders and managers, there is a chance that a quality engineer may be a contributor to such projects, then a stakeholder or manager.

Difference Between CQE Certification and SSBB Certification:

CQE -Deliver systematic quality process & product, Using Quality Excellence approach, and Focuses on Quality parameters including contents of Six Sigma up to a certain level.

CSSBB - Deliver to organization business goal through structure systematic statistic approach.

So, any certifications that the company or the individual ascribes to, it will require a considerable amount of perseverance and fortitude on the part of all to reach any goal or mission statement.

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