David Shared His Experience on How He Passed CAPM Certification Exam.

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David Evans recently passed the PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification exam. David did a CAPM review and shared his CAPM journey with us. Check out David’s tips to succeed in PMI CAPM exam.

1. How long did you study for the PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification exam?

I studied for about two months part-time. Once that was completed, I took around a week to review my notes as well as practice a few sample exams from the processexam.com site.

2. What was the biggest struggle when preparing for PMI CAPM certification exam?

Getting enough time between work and my other responsibilities. It is tough to find time to study for CAPM certification exam if you are a full time working professional. At this point, taking online CAPM practice test worked very well for me. I had the chance to do practice test whenever I have free time. These are the difficulties of my CAPM review.

3. How many questions are similar in real PMI CAPM certification exam when you considered the CAPM certification exam questions in processexam.com?

The real CAPM exam questions were very similar the processexam.com site cover in their practice test, and personalized result book was particularly helpful to me. Thank you!

4. How many CAPM certification exam questions did you practice before the exam?

The CAPM certification practice test by processexam.com site covers over 1100 questions. I practiced all of these and gone through my stakes over and over again to get ready for the CAPM certification exam. As part of my CAPM review, I would recommend you to practice as many CAPM questions and answers as possible.

5. Do you have any suggestions for future CAPM certification exam candidates?

  1. Read the PMBOK® Guide at least once

  2. Develop a study plan and dedicate regular time to study.

  3. Take notes and go through your notes frequently.

  4. Solve the CAPM exam questions at the end of each chapter.

  5. Take practice exams as many as possible.

6. Do you have any useful tips for the CAPM certification exam day?

I would recommend writing the CAPM certification exam early in the morning, I was only able to write just after lunchtime, and by then all the review of my notes had annoyed me out

Also, what I found helpful was to map out my formulas immediately when I sat down without seeing any questions first. This lets me avoid trouble when looking at a question that requires the use of formulas as I think it may be simple to get confused and forget the correct formula when worked with a few versions of it that all seem to be right.

7. If you would give three best tips to your friend about CAPM certification, what would you recommend?

  1. Supplement your view as well as add review by working through the PMBOK guide for any topics you are not 100% comfortable with.

  2. Book the CAPM certification exam with sufficient time to complete your preparation but book it early and this will help you to stick to your CAPM study schedule.

  3. Try as much as you can do CAPM practice test to familiarize yourself with the various ways a question can be asked and read each question carefully when taking the CAPM exam.

8. Please give us any other suggestions that would be helpful for CAPM certification aspirants.

Enjoy the CAPM journey, the topics are interesting and while studying, try to imagine how you would apply this in real-world situations.

9. How likely is it that you would recommend Processexam.com to a friend or colleague?

Very likely, the processexam.com CAPM online practice test is great, and the prices cannot be beaten. Thank you for helping me pass my CAPM exam!

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