Change Management Foundation Exam Preparation: Top Study Tips

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Change Management is associated with the effects and management of change; this is primarily within organizations where change can have a more significant impact. This qualification is based on the theory and application of evolution, organizational change, communication, stakeholder engagement, and change management best practice. Once you have passed the Change Management Foundation qualification, you can progress to the more advanced Practitioner qualification.

Who Should Attend Change Management Foundation Exam?

The Organisational Change Management course gives critical skills and knowledge for aspiring and practicing Change Managers.

The Foundation level is for anyone who needs sound knowledge of Change Management principles and practices. It is ideal for those requiring formal and structured learning in Change Management. On completion, you will be ready to sit the APMG International Change Management Foundation exam.

Course attendance is proper for all Change Management roles and Project Managers, Business/Process Analysts, Team Leaders/Supervisors, Senior Managers, IT Professionals, and HR Professionals.

How Will This APMG International Change Management Certification Develop Your Career?

The change management profession is a sought-after management discipline that remains to experience exponential growth. But to be involved in this growth, we must prove that we have mastered the basics and have knowledge and expertise in organizational change management that others do not have. Gaining this globally recognized qualification is a mark of excellence.

As project management has become a standard element of many non-project roles, primarily in the UK, change management skills form a meaningful proportion of the competencies needed for the most interesting, exciting, and highly paid parts advertised today.

More, recruiters are investigating evidence of these skills through change management qualifications and change management certification. After all, if you are hiring someone for a changing role, a minimum requirement should be change management qualifications.

Change management training is essential because we are all expected to balance high performance in the ‘business as usual’ aspects of our jobs to improve how we work, originate ideas for changes and improvements, and put these changes into practice.

Change Management is a framework created by the APMG alongside the Change Management Institute (CMI). It presents a syllabus that goes into complete detail on managing transformation initiatives from start to finish to create as much value as possible for teams, businesses, and stakeholders. By earning a Change Management Foundation certification, a manager can also unlock more responsibilities and even higher-paying roles.

Helpful Tips for Effective Studying APMG International Change Management Foundation Exam

1. Prepare a Schedule and Stick to It

You should keep aside some hours of each day for study just like you do for sleep and nourishment. You should prepare a schedule for your studies and stick to it. While preparing a schedule to keep different factors in mind, the plan should be achievable, with more time for the complex subject and less time for easy topics.

The amount of time required for study varies from student to student. Some students can continuously study for three to four hours without any break, while others find it challenging to learn even for an hour! It ultimately depends on an individual’s skills and ability to grasp concepts.

An average of two hours of study every day is suggested. Spending an hour or two every day is better than studying one 12-hour marathon a day before the Change Management Foundation exam since this avoids last-minute cramming.

2. Study in a Quiet and Comfortable Place

Trying to concentrate at home, always noisy and loud, can be a super-complicated task. You will hardly have high performance in a place with so many potential distractions.

In this case, we’d recommend that you look for a quieter place to study.

3. Take the Change Management Foundation Practice Tests

As you would to take the Change Management Foundation exam, take advantage of an online practice exam. You can get a sense of the instructor’s testing style and become familiar with how the information might be presented on the actual test day. A study finds students who tested themselves with a practice test after studying the material retained 50% more of the information a week later than their peers who did not take a Change Management Foundation practice test.

4. Stop Multitasking

Multitasking is a myth. For example, you may think you are killing two birds with one stone by texting while studying, but you are forming poor study habits. According to researchers, so-called "multitasking" increases your study time and ultimately may damage your grades.

5. Take Breaks

Incredible as it may look, taking regular breaks during your studies will save you time. The secret is giving enough of a break to your brain to improve its performance.

Do not sit still for hours. Instead, get up every 30-60 minutes, getting to stretch your legs and hands. This way, you will avoid stiffness and muscle cramps. You may even want to do some more dynamic exercises to launch your metabolism and make you feel more energized. By moving your body, you will also improve your concentration, memory, and creativity.

A Word from Very well

Becoming a more effective learner can take time, and it always takes practice and confidence to establish new habits. Begin by focusing on just a few of these tips to see if you can get more out of your following Change Management Foundation exam.

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