ServiceNow CIS-PPM Exam: Get Expert Tips, Strategy & Guide

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The ServiceNow CIS-Project Portfolio Management (CIS-PPM) exam confirms that a successful candidate has the abilities and fundamental knowledge to provide for the implementation, configuration, and maintenance of ServiceNow CIS-PPM applications.

ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management (CIS-PPM) is the centralized management of an organization's projects. While these projects may or may not be related, they are organized under one umbrella to control and manage any competing resources. Portfolio management in project management also affects the intake process of projects. This includes identifying potential projects, authorizing them, allocating project managers, and having them in the overall portfolio. It also includes high-level controls and monitoring to provide ongoing projects directly connected to the business's overall goals and strategies.

How Can You Best Prepare for the CIS-PPM Exam?

To pass the ServiceNow CIS-PPM exam, you must comprehend the ServiceNow platform and its capabilities. The best way to prepare for the exam is to take a course covering all the ServiceNow platform elements. You can also find many books and online resources to help you prepare for the exam. However, getting hands-on experience with the ServiceNow platform is essential to be confident in your abilities when taking the exam.

In this post, we will discuss some ServiceNow CIS-PPM exam tips that will help you to study more intelligence and excel in your career:

1. Start Your Preparation Early

Starting early with your ServiceNow CIS-PPM exam preparation will provide you ample time to review everything you have already studied. So do not leave anything for the last moment and provide you understand your subject thoroughly; this will make revision much more effortless.

You can also set up a timetable to organize your time effectively. First, note down how many exams you have and the days when you have to take the exam. Then, set up your study schedule accordingly. Remember, you may desire to save more preparation time for some subjects than others, so try to achieve a balance at your convenience.

2. Study to Suit Your Learning Style

Your learning style will help you understand the best ways to prepare for a CIS-PPM exam. For instance, if you are an auditory learner, you may take advantage of recording your notes and attending to them later, or you can even listen to class recordings.

On the other hand, pictures and diagrams can assist you in remembering if you are a visual learner. So explore what your learning style is so that you can memorize essential facts and understand key concepts.

3. Prepare CIS-PPM Flashcards and Flowcharts

Even if you do not have got a photographic memory, pictures can still help you understand and remember concepts in a better method. In this regard, flashcards can be used as portable study books, which would consist of the critical points of your course. After composing an outline of your study plan, you can go through the flashcards, even at the last moment.

Flowcharts are also helpful in this context, in which you can compress the important notes into a one-page chart or diagram. These are some of the practical formats to record your thoughts visually, which in return, will help you remember easily.

4. Practice from ServiceNow CIS-PPM Practice Questions

You can study all you require; however, unless you master the art of producing what you have known on the exam day, you will not be able to get the results you desire. It is essential to ServiceNow CIS-PPM practice questions as much as you can.

Begin with the questions discussed in the class and those mentioned in your study material. Once you practice those and find yourself, sure enough, take a shot at attempting previous years’ question papers to grasp what the CIS-PPM exam will be like. This will not only enable you to test your knowledge but also give you a true sense of whether you will be capable of attempting the whole paper or not.

Importance of Tips for ServiceNow CIS-PPM Exam Preparation

ServiceNow CIS-PPM exam tips are essential for all learners as they combine everything a student should concentrate on to ace their exam. They are necessary for any learner because they are proven strategies that have worked for many people.

However, candidates must be cautious about the fact that there might be a plethora of tips for exam preparation floating on the internet. Following all of them at once without comprehending the significance and suitability of one’s situation is not a wise move.

Different students learn in various ways and circumstances, so not all tips might apply to you. Therefore, it is best to carefully scout the multiple options and choose the information that best fits your learning style and situation.

Following the right tips for CIS-PPM exam preparation can help you learn to gather more knowledge qualitatively and quantitively. It will stop you from studying long hours without concrete results that can assist you in your exam.


We hope that what we have shared in this blog will help you prepare for the ServiceNow CIS-PPM Exam. We wish you all the best in your studies and hope you pass the ServiceNow CIS-PPM exam with flying colors!

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