SAFe SDP Certification Exam Sample Questions

SDP Dumps PDF, DevOps Practitioner Dumps, download DevOps Practitioner free Dumps, SAFe DevOps Practitioner exam questions, free online DevOps Practitioner exam questionsYou have to pass the SDP exam to receive the certification from SAFe. To increase the effectiveness of your study and make you familiar with the actual exam pattern, we have prepared this SAFe DevOps Practitioner sample questions. Our Sample SAFe DevOps Practitioner Practice Exam will give you more insight about both the type and the difficulty level of the questions on the SAFe DevOps Practitioner exam.

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SAFe DevOps Practitioner Sample Questions:

01. Which two key areas does DevOps aim to bridge in software development?
a) Design and testing
b) Development and marketing
c) Development and operations
d) Requirements and documentation
02. In a decision-making process, what does "Implementation" refer to?
a) Identifying the problem
b) Taking action to execute the chosen solution
c) Generating possible solutions
d) Reviewing past decisions
03. What is the significance of "Feedback" during the action-taking process?
a) It helps in evaluating the effectiveness of actions and making necessary adjustments.
b) It is unnecessary and can be ignored.
c) It slows down the decision-making process.
d) It leads to confusion among team members.
04. How does Continuous Exploration contribute to organizational agility in SAFe?
a) By increasing the number of team silos
b) By creating bottlenecks in the development process
c) By ensuring alignment and collaboration across agile release trains
d) By ignoring customer feedback
05. Which principle emphasizes "Release when ready" in Release on Demand?
a) Automate and optimize
b) Develop on a secure, private network
c) Extend quality to the right
d) Assume variability; preserve options
06. In VSM, what does the term "Lead Time" refer to?
a) The time it takes for a developer to write code
b) The time it takes for a manager to approve a project
c) The time it takes for a customer to report a bug
d) The total time it takes for a product or service to be delivered to the customer
07. What is DevOps?
a) A programming language
b) A software testing tool
c) A cultural and technical movement
d) A project management framework
08. Which DevOps principle emphasizes "Feedback Loops" to improve processes continually?
a) Automation everywhere
b) Amplify feedback loops: Shorten and amplify all feedback loops
c) Work on weekends to meet deadlines
d) Strict change control and approvals
09. In SAFe DevOps, what role is responsible for ensuring that the solution is built, tested, and delivered as a complete and working system?
a) Release Train Engineer (RTE)
b) Scrum Master
c) System Architect
d) Solution Train Engineer (STE)
10. Which SAFe core value is related to the principle of "Amplify Learning" in Continuous Exploration?
a) Relentless Improvement
b) Transparency
c) Program Execution
d) Alignment


Question: 01
Answer: c
Question: 02
Answer: b
Question: 03
Answer: a
Question: 04
Answer: c
Question: 05
Answer: a
Question: 06
Answer: d
Question: 07
Answer: c
Question: 08
Answer: b
Question: 09
Answer: d
Question: 10
Answer: a

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