IASSC ICYB Certification Exam Sample Questions

ICYB Dumps PDF, Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt DumpsYou have to pass the ICYB exam to receive the certification from IASSC. To increase the effectiveness of your study and make you familiar with the actual exam pattern, we have prepared this sample questions. Our Sample IASSC IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Practice Exam will give you more insight about both the type and the difficulty level of the questions on the IASSC ICYB exam.

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IASSC Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Sample Questions:

01. As we begin to describe the things occurring with our process through a Process Map we begin to see some steps that are NVA which stands for ____________.
a) Non-value add
b) No violation allowed
c) Non-value actions
d) Next vehicle action
02. 5S Sorting: Items used weekly should be kept _______?
a) In a remote location
b) In a local location
c) Within arm's reach
d) In a storage area
03. During the Process Discovery activity of the Measure Phase our team uses a ___________________ to brainstorm concerning all the potential things that could impact the output of the process we are investigating.
a) Pareto Chart
b) Shewhart Analytical
c) Fishbone Diagram
d) None
04. In the expression Y = f(Xn) Y, the output, is the ___________ variable and Xn, the inputs, are the __________ variables.
a) Independent, dependent
b) Individual, multiple
c) Sole, multiple
d) Dependent, independent
05. Which of the following would likely be a CTQ (Critical-to-Quality) for the purchase of a service?
a) Documentation is clear
b) Was timely in delivery
c) Required no redo
d) All of these answers are correct
06. As a standard for a process to be at the 6 Sigma quality level, it must have?
a) Cp & Cpk > 1.5
b) Cp & Cpk >2
c) Cp >1.5 & Cpk >2.0
d) Cp >2.0 & Cpk >1.5
07. A concept that addresses the consistency of process workers is called ________?
a) Supervising
b) Visual Factory
c) Standard Operating Procedures
d) Performance Drivers
08. A key metric in Six Sigma is the DPMO which stands for __________________?
a) Delayed production metrics output
b) Defects by management oversight
c) Defects per million opportunities
d) Developed production management oversight
09. The DMAIC approach to problem solving stands for Define, __________, Analyze, Improve and Control.
a) Manage
b) Measure
c) Memorize
d) Manipulate
10. As a Belt completes a LSS project she creates for the Process Owner a Control Plan. The Control Plan is to remain active and open for __________________.
a) One year
b) The rest of the fiscal year
c) The life of the process
d) Three years


Question: 01
Answer: a
Question: 02
Answer: b
Question: 03
Answer: c
Question: 04
Answer: d
Question: 05
Answer: d
Question: 06
Answer: d
Question: 07
Answer: c
Question: 08
Answer: c
Question: 09
Answer: b
Question: 10
Answer: c

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