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01. What are two ways that Developers can ensure a good application architecture?
(choose the best two answers)
a) Architecture is an ongoing discussion between Developers who are implementing current Sprint Backlog items.
b) The Scrum Team uses a Sprint 0 to create infrastructure that will be needed later.
c) The Developers focus only on adding functionality. The architecture will take care of itself as the Developers add functionality.
d) The Developers have a set of guiding architecture principles that every Developer understands and follows when building the product.
02. How should multiple Scrum Teams deliver a done, useful, and valuable Increment in a Sprint?
a) Each Sprint, all Scrum Teams have a done Increment that integrates with all of the other done Increments from all other Scrum Teams on the initiative. The sum of all Increments is the Increment for that product.
b) Each Scrum Team delivers done Increments of its own area of responsibility. These Increments are integrated into a whole product during stabilization prior to release.
c) Each Scrum Team provides a unique done Increment that includes the team's added functionality.
d) Functionality not integrated with the work of other Scrum Teams may be delivered as unintegrated Increments. This demonstrates the value created by the Scrum Teams unable to completely integrate their Increments.
03. A Nexus with five Scrum Teams has been created to build one product. Who has to coordinate the work with other teams in the Nexus?
a) Nexus Integration Team, because they are responsible for cross-team dependencies
b) Scrum Master should teach the Developers that it is their responsibility to work with other teams
c) Lead Developer on a Team should coordinate with other teams
d) Product Owner
04. What factors should be considered when establishing the length of a Sprint?
(choose the best two answers)
a) The risk of being disconnected from the stakeholders.
b) The frequency at which team formation can be changed.
c) All teams in a Nexus must have the same Sprint length.
d) The level of uncertainty over the solution being developed.
e) The Nexus Integration Team should determine the Sprint length for all individual Scrum Teams.
05. Complex products are often decomposed into components. These components may be represented as activities, workflows, functions, features, capabilities, and other similar nomenclature.
How does this product decomposition affect the way that multiple Scrum Teams work together to deliver the products?
a) People are assigned to Scrum Teams based on their expertise and the skills needed to develop each component. Hardening Sprints ensure time for resolving dependencies between teams.
b) There is one Scrum Team for each component whose job is to coordinate dependencies, work allocation, integration, and testing.
c) Meta-Scrum Teams of up to two hundred people are formed. They then map themselves into appropriately sized Scrum Teams for actual product development. This may change every Sprint. Each Meta-Scrum Team manages its own decomposition and integration needs.
d) How the organization discusses and plans the work of creating the components will be reflected in the implementation of that product.
06. The purpose of the Nexus Integration Team is to:
(choose the best two answers)
a) Manage the Nexus.
b) Be accountable that a product Increment is produced.
c) Integrate all the Scrum Team’s work.
d) Raise transparency.
07. What is the purpose of the Nexus Sprint Retrospective?
a) To plan ways to increase quality and effectiveness across the whole Nexus.
b) To discuss what went well during the Sprint.
c) To identify dependencies between teams.
d) To identify the one item teams should discuss during their individual Sprint Retrospective.
08. The purpose of the Nexus Sprint Backlog is:
(choose the best two answers)
a) To plan the product release.
b) To visualize all Product Backlog items.
c) To make dependencies transparent to the Scrum Teams.
d) To provide a view of dependent Product Backlog items in a Sprint.
09. You are part of Team A which is working on requirement #3. Team B is working on Requirement #6 which is very similar to yours. Your team discovered a limitation which would make it impossible to implement requirement #3.
When and who should you inform?
a) Bring it up in Nexus Sprint Retrospective
b) Wait for Team B to discover the issue on their own
c) Bring it up in Nexus Sprint Review
d) Bring it up in Nexus Daily Scrum
10. What is the most important concern for multiple Scrum Teams when they are working from the same Product Backlog?
(choose the best answer)
a) Minimizing dependencies between Scrum Teams.
b) Clear definition of requirements.
c) Making sure there is enough work for everyone on every team.
d) Meeting original scope projections.


Question: 01
Answer: a, d
Question: 02
Answer: a
Question: 03
Answer: b
Question: 04
Answer: a, d
Question: 05
Answer: d
Question: 06
Answer: b, d
Question: 07
Answer: a
Question: 08
Answer: c, d
Question: 09
Answer: d
Question: 10
Answer: a

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