PSD I Certification Exam Sample Questions

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01. When are testers and quality experts ideally included in a project?
a) When the product is feature complete.
b) From the beginning and throughout all Sprints.
c) After Developer handoff.
d) After Sprint Review.
02. A company has been practicing Scrum for years. This company works closely with clients who give their test requirements as well. The company typically practices expressing these requirements as acceptance tests.
The company is practicing:
a) Acceptance Test Driven Development.
b) Behavior Driven Development.
c) Application Lifecycle Management.
d) Branching.
03. Who is responsible for the Product Architecture?
a) Software architect.
b) Domain architect.
c) Developers in the Scrum Team.
d) Product Owner.
04. A story or task aimed at answering a question or gathering information, rather than at producing shippable product is called:
b) Burndown chart
c) Bug
d) Spike
05. The order followed in Test Driven Development (TDD) is:
a) Write Enough Code and Execute Test Case.
b) Execute Test Cases, Write Enough Code, Refactor.
c) Execute Test Cases, Write Enough Code and Release.
d) Plan, Develop, Test.
06. What is a unit test?
a) A way in which units of programmers ensure their code works.
b) A way for the team to ensure that the system satisfies the user requirements.
c) A test that isolates and verifies individual units of source code.
d) A technique for ensuring that units of codependent or clustered computers perform correctly.
07. Which of the following are the examples of a Technical Spike?
a) Evaluation of potential performance or load impact of a new user story.
b) Evaluation of specific implementation technologies that can be applied to a solution.
c) Team needs to develop a more confident understanding of a desired approach.
d) An activity to learn about technical elements of a solution.
e) Mockups and Wireframes.
08. Extreme Programming is based on 5 values. Extreme Programming values are:
a) Communication, Simplicity, Feedback, Courage, Respect. 
b) Communication, Simplicity, Focus, Courage, Respect.
c) Communication, Simplicity, Focus, Curiosity, Respect.
d) Communication, Simplicity, Feedback, Courage, Release Management Skills.
09. Which of the following test should typically uses a ubiquitous language that can be understood by the developers and stakeholders?
a) Branching
b) Application Lifecycle Management
c) Test First Development
d) Behavior Driven Development
10. The practice of grouping the programmers to use one computer to code throughout the Sprint is called:
a) Dual Programming
b) Multiple Review
c) Pair Programming
d) Code Review


Question: 01
Answer: b
Question: 02
Answer: a
Question: 03
Answer: c
Question: 04
Answer: d
Question: 05
Answer: b
Question: 06
Answer: c
Question: 07
Answer: a, b, c, d
Question: 08
Answer: a
Question: 09
Answer: d
Question: 10
Answer: c

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