ISTQB CTAL-TTA Certification Exam Sample Questions

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ISTQB Technical Test Analyst Sample Questions:

01. What is the primary weakness with condition coverage?
a) It tests all the atomic conditions but does not necessarily test all the decision outcomes
b) It tests all the decision outcomes but does not necessarily test all the atomic conditions
c) It does not necessarily test all the decision outcomes or the atomic conditions
d) It does not work if there is more than one atomic condition to be tested
02. Which of the following reasons can be given for including co-existence testing in a test approach?
a) An application is intended to be operated on different platforms
b) Several changes are planned to an application’s code modules. Changes to one module should have an impact on other modules
c) More than one unrelated application is to be deployed on the same environment
d) The usage of system resources must be measured against a predefined benchmark
03. A new business application is being developed for deployment on a Windows-based platform. If the application is successful there are plans for deployment to other platforms.
Which of the following quality characteristics should be given priority in the test approach?
a) Installability
b) Adaptability
c) Replaceability
d) Co-existence
04. You are testing the software that analyzes input received from a machine that is used for conducting electrocardiograms (ECGs). Because the machines are quite expensive and not generally available, you will be doing your reliability testing on a simulator
This simulator has already been verified to be functionally correct and there are test automation scripts that have been written to work with the simulator. You will be able to use these scripts during your testing. Acceptable reliability levels are strictly controlled by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the US).
Given this information, what do you need to verify before you conduct the testing and forward the results for regulatory approval?
a) Verify that the response time of the simulator is representative of the actual device
b) Verify that the actual device is able to meet the reliability levels before conducting the testing on the simulator
c) Verify that the simulator has been approved for this use by the FDA
d) Verify that the developer has accurately documented the simulator and that you are working with the latest specifications
05. When an automator is writing a test automation script, how should the script handle failures?
a) It should continue on with the next test after the failure because that’s how the software will work in production
b) It should terminate when a failure is encountered
c) It should execute a wait loop and retry the failed action
d) It depends on the type of failure and where it occurs during execution
06. The planning and specification of security tests for a new web-based hotel reservation system is to be carried out at your next sprint planning meeting. Which of the following activities should NOT be considered at the meeting?
a) Deciding on the code modules for static analysis
b) Agreeing with developers on their participation
c) Deciding on the operational profiles to use
d) Checking on approvals for performing the tests
07. Your organization is implementing an enterprise service bus (ESB) to use between your CRM system and your e-commerce system. You are particularly concerned about issues that may occur if a component or interface is down.
What type of testing should you do to find these types of defects?
a) Security
b) API
c) Performance
d) Usability
08. When participating in a review of a product that will be integrated with other third party products in use, what is an important part of the Technical Test Analyst’s preparation?
a) Creating a review checklist for the usability of the product
b) Writing the operations manual that will be used to install the new software
c) Working with the test manager to schedule adequate resources for the testing of the new product
d) Reviewing the integration points and identifying the data and methods that will be tested
09. You are designing operational profiles for a mobile banking application. Which of the following would be a valid operational profile to use for this testing?
a) A user logs into their account, checks their balance, makes a deposit, checks the balance again, logs out
b) The memory footprint of the application cannot exceed 240 megabytes at any time during operation
c) On average, a developer must be able to identify and resolve a defect within 10 hours
d) The user must be able to complete a standard banking transaction within 5 minutes
10. Which of the following is a common use for a web-based testing tool?
a) Performance testing
b) Standards compliance testing
c) Scalability testing
d) Security testing


Question: 01
Answer: a
Question: 02
Answer: c
Question: 03
Answer: b
Question: 04
Answer: c
Question: 05
Answer: d
Question: 06
Answer: c
Question: 07
Answer: b
Question: 08
Answer: d
Question: 09
Answer: a
Question: 10
Answer: b

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