ISTQB CTAL-TM Certification Exam Sample Questions

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ISTQB Test Manager Sample Questions:

01. The developers are willing to build a tool that will provide traceability between the source code modules and the test cases that test those modules.
What management concerns should you have with this development effort?
a) Long term maintenance may not be planned, leaving you with an unsupported tool
b) The scope of the project is too large and the tool will be too generic to be useful
c) There are no requirements for this effort so you will be at the mercy of what the developers decide to implement
d) It is unlikely that the ROI will be achieved
02. You have just completed summarizing all the test results for a release and have created a document showing the workarounds for each open defect. You have given this information to the team who will be supporting the product in production.
What type of activity have you just completed?
a) Test analysis
b) Test support
c) Test execution
d) Test closure
03. What is the primary reason for tracking root cause information?
a) To identify the developers with poor development tendencies
b) To target testing to areas where the highest number of defects are found
c) To improve the testing techniques used to detect defects
d) To provide information for process improvement
04. Your management has decided to change to a different test and defect management tool that will be used for all new projects. No one in your team has used this tool before. The vendor will help with configuring the tool.
What effect should the new tool adoption have on your test estimate for the next new project?
a) No change because the vendor will handle the configuration effort
b) No change because the developers will not be affected by the tool change
c) The estimate should be increased to account for time to learn the new too
d) The estimate should be decreased because the new tool will introduce efficiencies in the process
05. As a Test Manager which of the following is a key component to motivating the test team?
a) Give fair and honest appraisals of mistakes
b) Recognize all team members regardless of contribution
c) Base the amount of praise on the importance of the project
d) Provide positive recognition, avoiding negative feedback if possible
06. You have been closely tracking the Defect Detection Effectiveness (DDE) for the last release. You are showing a DDE of 95%, which has achieved the goal set by the organization. This is an example of what type of metric?
a) Project metric
b) Process metric
c) Product metric
d) People metric
07. When working with an organization that has geographically distributed testing and development teams, what is an effective way to improve communication?
a) Encourage the use of informal communication such as hallway chats
b) Use team building exercises with all team members to help improve the relationships
c) Employ good tools with clear workflows to track project tasks including defects
d) Plan to have significant overlap in the activities where both teams work on the same tasks and then compare the results
08. Your testers want to have a weekly “best bug” contest within the team. Should you implement this?
a) Yes, it will help to motivate the team by bringing them together with a common understanding of the problems found in the software by having a friendly contest
b) Yes, it will help them to become better testers by showing the defects that have been missed by others
c) No, defects are negative and finding them should not be encouraged in a testing team
d) No, it is likely to discourage the junior testers who can’t find as many defects as the senior testers
09. In an Agile software development lifecycle when is work completed for an iteration?
a) As early as possible in the build phase
b) Before the next iteration begins
c) Prior to moving from the integration test level to the system test level
d) At the conclusion of iteration zero
10. Which of the following is a true statement regarding the risk rating for a test object?
a) The overall rating remains the same throughout the testing
b) The likelihood tends to increase when high priority problems are found
c) The impact tends to increase as more issues are found
d) The likelihood and impact may vary based on what is discovered during testing


Question: 01
Answer: a
Question: 02
Answer: d
Question: 03
Answer: d
Question: 04
Answer: c
Question: 05
Answer: a
Question: 06
Answer: b
Question: 07
Answer: c
Question: 08
Answer: a
Question: 09
Answer: b
Question: 10
Answer: d

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