DevOps Institute DOFD Certification Exam Syllabus

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The DevOps Institute DOFD Exam Summary, Body of Knowledge (BOK), Sample Question Bank and Practice Exam provide the basis for the real DevOps Institute Certified DevOps Foundation (DOFD) exam. We have designed these resources to help you get ready to take DevOps Foundation (DOFD) exam. If you have made the decision to become a certified professional, we suggest you take authorized training and prepare with our online premium DevOps Institute DevOps Foundation Practice Exam to achieve the best result.

DevOps Institute DOFD Exam Summary:

Exam Name DevOps Foundation
Exam Code DOFD
Exam Fee USD $245
Exam Duration 60 Minutes
Number of Questions 40
Passing Score 65 %
Format Multiple Choice Questions
Books / Trainings ONLINE LEARNING
Schedule Exam DevOps Institute
Sample Questions DevOps Institute DevOps Foundation Exam Sample Questions and Answers
Practice Exam DevOps Institute Certified DevOps Foundation (DOFD) Practice Test

DevOps Institute DevOps Foundation Syllabus Topics:

Topic Details
CALMS Values - C: Culture - emphasizes shared vision collaboration, communication, learning and continuous improvement.
- A: Automation - CI/CD toolchains, and infrastructure-as-code enable automation, consistency, velocity and fast recovery.
- L: Lean - Maximize customer value while minimizing waste and improving flow.
- M: Measurement - Value-driven metrics for people, process and technology support trust and performance improvement.
- S: Sharing - Leaders and teams share ideas, and skills, improve communication, collaboration and performance.
The Three Ways - 1st Way: Continuous Flow
- 2nd Way: Feedback
- 3rd Way: Continuous Improvement (Experimenting and Learning)
Organization - Cross-function teams focus on business goals. Ops work with Dev, supporting each other to improve flow towards production and monitor results.
Principles & Practices - Frequent small releases using continuous integration, testing, delivery, deployments and monitoring reduce lead time, costs and risks.
Related Frameworks - Agile: Lean Development
- ITSM: Processes
- Lean: Reduce Waste
- Value Stream Management: End-to-End
Benefits - Improved release cadence, velocity, throughput, efficiency and stability, quality, security and team satisfaction.

Both DevOps Institute and veterans who’ve earned multiple certifications maintain that the best preparation for a DevOps Institute DOFD professional certification exam is practical experience, hands-on training and practice exam. This is the most effective way to gain in-depth understanding of DevOps Institute DevOps Foundation concepts. When you understand techniques, it helps you retain DevOps Institute DevOps Foundation knowledge and recall that when needed.

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